Would You Like to Introduce Yourself?

Hello! I’m Rajeev Rahela and welcome to my first blog entry!

For a few years I have been building towards a media focused career, whilst being a freelance photographer in my spare time. Having fluked a Media/Philosophy degree (what a mix, right?), spent some time abroad (2 years in Japan), and then joining a wonderful media conglomerate, I decided that the only constant was my photography, and ultimately where my desire to succeed rested.

So here I am; A willing amateur with a drive to frame the world. I would love to tell you I know everything about cameras and photography, but I’m still learning and would love for you to join me on my journey.

My ultimate goal? Being someone who is appreciated for his art and someone who will inspire you to enjoy photography as much as I do.

I have a website and the usual social media links, feel free to have a look, follow and share your work.

…and that’s about it. What do you say, you ready to go with me?


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