Day 2: The Wonders of Tracking

I’ve come to terms with my patience. My equipment will arrive when it does. I now have the tracking numbers, and am constantly refreshing until I see some movement, and can celebrate the small victory of movement. In the mean time I can focus my energy on some light studying. I’ve bought some books, used YouTube, found some free e-books and revised what I already know about cameras, and turned them into a focused plan that allows maximum time spent studying and completed tasks each day whilst maintaining a lifestyle that isn’t solely about photography (who am I kidding?).

Kamakura – 2015

One of the tasks I’m currently focusing on is this blog. I’m sure you already know that since my frequent posts keep popping up on your readers. Yesterday I had 8 people view my post, and I was super happy with these interactions. I want to know, and have others know, that there is a human side to blogging and the internet. Well, as human as it can be. Hence why I am always asking for engagement: I love conversation and criticism, as long as it’s constructive. Negativity only brings you down, my friend.

I’d love to network and share other people’s art. I’m still learning about communities and how we can all benefit from them. If you have any tips, or places you think I could go to learn more, do let me know. The internet is great for information, however the human experience is something it lacks.

I guess I’m using this space as a platform to track my progress through the photography industry. Starting with next to no knowledge and seeing how far I can develop; I want successes for myself, but also, as well as celebrating small victories of movement, I would like to celebrate big victories of accomplishments.

Have you tracked your career in this manner? What are victories to you (giant or tiny)?

For now, I’ll keep searching the internet for answers. It’ll help the time pass by until you-know-what comes along.


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