Memories of Fuji

One of the greatest parts of having lived abroad, are the little things that remind you of where you once lived, when you’ve returned. It might be a sunset vista, or something with a familiar taste. In this instance, social media likes to remind me of all the wonderful things I had experienced – and all the things I’m missing out on.

Through one of the many Japanese related pages I like on one of my various accounts, I came across a wonderful picture I thought I would share. Disclaimer: I know not who this person is and do not endorse any of their products.

Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko,Sunrise by Pongnathee Kluaythong on

(Image courtesy of 500px)

Regardless of whether this image has been treated using post-production software or not, I think it speaks to my nostalgic heart with vivid colours and a creamy texture.

Not only is the symmetrical composition almost perfect, but the morning mist residing on the water is enough to send an odd shiver throughout you’re body, as if you were standing knee deep in the lake itself. The ombre sky meld together with such wonderful hues, as if you can taste the crisp morning air, wherever you’re reading this.

The golden tones offer the feeling of a breaking day, but also sepia tones that relate to days gone by. This image reminds me of a Japanese word which its rather hard to describe. According to Google, it’s defined as:

懐かしい – “Natsukashii” is a Japanese adjective referring to feelings of nostalgia for the past, sometimes with connotations of nostalgia for an idealised past that never was. It is a word that is difficult to translate into English, which may account for why it appears so frequently around the internet in its original Japanese.

This surmises my time in Japan. Filled with joy of everything I left behind. But my time there was definitely a mixed bag. PLEASE NOTE: sob story shall not be divulged… yet.

What do you think about this image? What does it say to you?


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